Super Crypto Kart November Tournament


Hey ChainGamers,

We are pleased to announce a tournament that spans throughout the month of November that offers $1500 paid in $CHAIN as prize money.

How does it work?

The tournament is split into two phases: Phase-1 and Phase-2.


This part of the tournament extends from 5 pm GMT of 1st November, 2020 till 5 pm GMT of 27th November, 2020.

The top 8 player accounts that meet the following criteria will qualify to the Phase-2 of the tournament.

a) Play at least 4 different tracks.
b) Participate in at least 20 races.

NOTE: Note: Wins in Phase-1 will be considered if more than 8 accounts end up qualifying to Phase-2 based on (a) and (b).

An example of such a case is as follows. In this example, Peter, Pedro, Adam, Bella, Jeff, Steel, Jivwe qualified to Phase-2 as they rank 1 to 7 based on the number of matches played in Phase-1 while meeting criteria (a) and (b).

However, Jim, Julie, and Jack have same number of matches played in Phase-1. As such, Julie qualifies to the Phase-2 as a result of having won the most matches in Phase-2 than Jim and Jack.

NOTE: Securing the first place in a match is considered as having “WON” the match.


A set of three races will be conducted for these qualified 8 entries from Phase-1. These races will be held between 27th — 30th November at a mutually convenient time to the organizers and the participants. The winners will be decided based on their cumulative average winning positions (CAWP) from these 3 races.

Race — 1: Ravenbridge, 3 laps, forward direction
Race — 2: CryptoCity, 3 laps, forward direction
Race — 3: Shifting Sands, 3 laps, forward direction

A user who ranks 1, 4, 4 in Races 1, 2, and 3 respectively will have a cumulative average winning position of (1+4+4)/3 = 3. Lower the cumulative average winning position, the better. Based on the CAWP, the final winning list will be declared.

The prize money is distributed as follows:

In addition to these 8 prizes that total $1250, there will be TEN $25 winners randomly picked from Phase-1 who played in at least 4 different tracks, finished at least 20 races, but didn’t qualify into Phase-2.

NOTE: In case of disputes, the team’s decision is final.

We are proud to revolutionize the Web 3.0 Blockchain gaming, and hope that you join us!






$CHAIN ERC-20 Contract: 0xC4C2614E694cF534D407Ee49F8E44D125E4681c4

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